For now, the activities are mostly stream of consciousness exercises. Some of those, like today, will happen here. Some will happen in a spiral bound notebook. The computer will force me to be a bit more linear and sometimes I will want/need to break away from that.

1. “My story is about…” a girl who meets a boy, a girl who doesn’t relate to her family, a girl who can’t seem to run away from her past, a girl with a sister, a location that is often overlooked, a place that has its own character, a boy that thinks life is black and white until he meets the girl, a boy who will question his existence, a paranormal element (because I can’t resist paranormal. Normal is too normal for me).

2. “What I want to express through my story is…” learning to let go of fear, the struggle in relationships, internal struggles, growing up, emotional distress

As my hero–

3. “If I were to describe myself, I would say that I am…” difficult to be around, weird, athletic, weak, tormented, struggling, tired.

4. “The most incredible thing I ever did was…” learning to shield myself against the strains of being an empath.

5. “The turning point in my life was when…” my sister killed herself after I told my mom that she was crazy. I’ll never get over what I did to her.

6. “Everything will make sense when…” I can control what is in my head. Until then, I have to deal with whatever everyone is feeling too.

Until tomorrow!