Day 3/4

I’m combining the two posts– (as heroine)

1. One thing you still need to know about me is…If I saw my sister right now, I would offer her my life.

2. I am beginning to question why I…am fighting so hard when everything I do seems to do more harm than good. 

3. My parents think that I am…better than I have been. In reality, I’ve gotten better at hiding things from them.

4. The thing that people most admire in me is…they think I am strong. If only they knew that the opposite were true.

5. The characteristic I am least proud of in myself is…how easy it has gotten to lie to those I care about.

6. I pretend to have forgotten about the time that…my sister actively tried to kill me.


1. The answer to my problem I’ve been avoiding is…I have to get my sister out of my head.

2. If I could do one thing differently from my past, it would be…to listen to my sister without making fun of her. 

3. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I…disappeared from myself.

4. I tend to present the illusion that I…am normal.

5. The most defiant moment of my life was when I…threw everything away to save someone else.

6. The thing that I try to keep hidden from people is…my dual personalities.