After seeing this book listed as the next “it” book on Twitter for too many days in a row, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I generally like this genre–YA dystopian–and I haven’t read any with the same premise.


Cassia is a girl who believes that the Society has her best interests in heart. They tell her what stories to read, what paintings to enjoy, what songs to listen to–all of “culture” has been broken into lists of 100. Everything else is gone and destroyed. Even her options at love are sorted to perfection. At 17, she attends a Matching ceremony where she will learn of her ideal Match. The boy’s face flashes on the screen and it’s her best friend. All is perfect in the world, until a second boy’s face also flashes on the screen. This glitch in the society’s perfect system puts doubt in Cassia, especially when she starts to fall in love with the more unlikely of the two boys.


Yep, I’d recommend this to anyone with a hankering for YA, romance, and dystopian interests.