As a writer, I have to have thick skin. I know that, but it still stings a bit when rejection hits. The last two weeks have comprised of checking my email, obsessing over #pitchwars on Twitter, and participating excessively on Absolute Write.

Today, I found out that I did not get chosen by one of the many fabulous mentors that agreed to go through an endless pile of slush to find something that truly called to them. I am grateful for the experience. The women I submitted to made rejection not feel quite so bad and even offered to take a look at some stuff when I’m ready. Win-win! Another positive–I met some amazing people along the way that I hope will lead to lasting friendships. Also through the experience, was founded. This is a new site designed my the mentors of Pitchwars to continue helping writers.

The future: I’ve sent my manuscript out to a few Beta readers and am waiting for their feedback before I make any edits. Until then, I need to focus on the next project, and continue to rewrite my query (which I may finally have figured out where I was going wrong all this time–thanks Stacey Lee!).