I thought I’d attempt to share what is happening at a high school on this day of school. It is December 21, 2012 and as you know it has long been considered the day of the apocalypse. I’m not going to lie–I’ve dreaded this day for quite awhile. It’s not because I think the world will suddenly implode upon itself, but rather in what the public will do in the event of mass hysteria. Just last week, the country was saddened by the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary where 26 kids and adults were brutally shot and killed. Then later, a man shot 50 rounds of bullets at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. My school has held meetings in which we have been trained in what to do if such a catastrophe where to take place here. Yesterday, my students informed me of a rumor in which several groups of students will come on campus and proceed to shoot everyone. I seriously considered staying home today–and keeping my young kids from their school as well.

We all went to school today. My classes are nearly empty and we’re passing the time watching “A Christmas Story.” Why did I decide to come? Because I don’t want to be scared. It’s not fair that the few can scare the majority to such extraordinary levels. It’s not fair that public schools should fear coming to a place that should always be considered safe.

I also came because I have projects due today and I wanted to see the efforts of their work. My students have been (mostly) working hard on completed their self-portraits and I wanted to see them.


Anyway, so far so good!