8416879327_75e08bd83c          8416879639_b60bba5411Since I love reading and anything that involves books, I thought this would be a project I could get excited about. I did this in place of a traditional landscape assignment–something I felt was a little tired. Their work didn’t disappoint. I was so happy with the results.

8389379799_03d5084ce38429322769_86561e8080 8559344619_6f7986b4f2This project was one of our more involved projects of the year and served as their final. Every student chose a book that they either wanted to read or have read recently. I had them find 5 descriptive quotes to base their pictures around. I taught them a little about “movie editing” and how color can affect the overall mood. Since this is the end of the year, the students had a good understanding of composition and camera controls.8412243036_95e14b452b8403422172_c58d3d0b0a8537581248_3a8e3e0775