I haven’t done a lot of book reviews lately, but I felt like this one deserved it. I read, on average, a book or two a week. If I’m not writing myself, I read even more. Two days ago, I finished Legend by Marie Lu and yesterday I finished it’s sequel, Prodigy. 

The general gist of the story: Dystopian Los Angeles is ran by a mostly militarized government called the Republic. June is the Republic’s golden girl/prodigy since she took the Trial (an exam that tests emotional, intelligence, and physical strengths when aged 16). She’s the only one with a perfect score. When her older brother is murdered by the Republic’s most notorious criminal, she goes on a manhunt to find him. What she finds is that her government isn’t as good as she thought.


That’s really vague. I know it’s vague. I hate giving away too much. Sometimes it’s better to just dive in and let your hair be blown back. Maybe that’s a little much for this book, but it is good. Really good. Here’s the amazon link if you’d like a little more information or you want to buy it.