Why, you ask, could anyone hate a month? Well, for lots of really obvious reasons… I go back to work, my kids go back to school, the weather begins to cool (I prefer the heat of summer), winter fruit is never very good, yada yada yada. All good reasons, I suppose. After the lull of summer with little to no schedules to follow, September thrusts me head first into a world of schedules and meetings, packed lunches and planned dinners, endless school supply lists, and a calendar with something written on every single day. Ugh! I’m pretty organized, or at least I like to think I am. I’ve got my calendar on my fridge, my phone is updated with my schedule. Then why, oh why, can’t I remember to be at my son’s school at 6pm for Back to School night. Why can’t I remember the parent meeting at 7am on Tuesday? Or that my friend’s baby shower is this Saturday at the same time as my other friend launches her clothing line and is having a big shindig at the store opening. Why do I always seem to be unbelievably broke in September? Every year, I throw up my hands in defeat. September, you got me again. 

Is it October yet?