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2013…100 Book Challenge

The New Year always brings a fresh wave of resolutions and promises. It thought this year I would play upon something I already love to do and challenge myself to do even more. My first and most obvious challenge (as per the title of this thread) is to read 100 books throughout the course of the year. By the nature of my schedule most of this will probably be done during the summer months when I’m not working. I started and finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn already. I’ll get to that review next. My second resolution (of which I have a pretty good start) is to really fine tune my manuscript for submission. I tested the waters late last year and didn’t have too much success. It’s not surprising–not now anyway. My query was a mess, my first few pages still need polishing, and I’ve never had anyone really read it. Those are so huge issues. If any of you writers have never heard of Absolute Write, it is like a crash course in writing. There is an endless supply of information and support and criticism. I’ve posted, reposted, and reposted my query. I think it’s finally ready. <happy dance> Next, is my first ten pages. They need to shine like nothing else. That’s step two. Also, through perfecting my query, I found some glaring issues in my MS. It’s funny how you don’t see these things sometimes…

Query letters

I have been blog hopping for the last few weeks and finding out so much great information that I’m feeling a little overloaded.  I want to get started and ignore all of this preparation, but deep down I know it’s all worth it. I love the literary agent blogs! Some of the others I’ve found particularly helpful were and

Those girls really know their stuff. I spent all day going through the different agents and only got through the C’s.