I waited a week to post this because, well to be honest: my feelings were just a little bruised. Anyway, I didn’t make it past Round 1. There were so many amazing entries, each of them unique and with such a well-crafted voice that I fell in love with many of them. I don’t know how the judges narrowed it down and most of them say that it was incredibly subjective, which as a reader, I know is true often enough. Still, it stung. I wanted my book to be read. I wanted some praise. I wanted some verification that I CAN DO THIS. 

It was a learning experience and I got some feedback that I will take and hopefully make improvements. This blogging/writing community is much grander than I thought and I am a newbie. Anyway, I’d like to publicly thank Deana Barnhart and all of the other bloggers that helped her. They truly stepped up the game! Good job everyone!