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Looking for Inspiration

Inspiration comes from the strangest places. A dream, a song, poetry…

My last bit of inspiration came from the song, “She talks to Angels,” by the Black Crowes. Since editing that manuscript to death, I haven’t thought much beyond what music I listen to while working at that project. 

But today, inspiration struck and ideas are churning for the next one. Maybe NaNoWriMo will be just the thing to get me going on something new. And I haven’t given up on the “90 Day Novel” just yet either. Between GUTGAA and another RWA contest, my energies have been spent. But all of that is almost over…

What inspires you?

GUTGAA Update #2

I waited a week to post this because, well to be honest: my feelings were just a little bruised. Anyway, I didn’t make it past Round 1. There were so many amazing entries, each of them unique and with such a well-crafted voice that I fell in love with many of them. I don’t know how the judges narrowed it down and most of them say that it was incredibly subjective, which as a reader, I know is true often enough. Still, it stung. I wanted my book to be read. I wanted some praise. I wanted some verification that I CAN DO THIS. 

It was a learning experience and I got some feedback that I will take and hopefully make improvements. This blogging/writing community is much grander than I thought and I am a newbie. Anyway, I’d like to publicly thank Deana Barnhart and all of the other bloggers that helped her. They truly stepped up the game! Good job everyone!


I made it in!! It was a ridiculously long day and I had to structure teaching around it, but it was worth the effort.  I’ve worked really hard on my query, completely changed the opening to my book and I’ve done what I can and I feel…okay. I missed the first deadline at 11am (8am my time) and suffered until 4pm when I could try again. I had pressed the send button at exactly 8am and then stared at my inbox all day. It was excruciating.

Anyways, I’m just getting my feet wet with this whole contest thing. I’ve never really put my writing out there to be judged, but I will hold the butterflies until Monday when everyone’s (200 of us) hard work will be up for judgement. Till then…

The Questions

Where do you write?     In a corner in my kitchen. It’s actually my husband’s desk. If I sit at my own, I get distracted and do other things.

Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?      A stack of those yellow notepads, my money tree (I think it’s good luck), and a pencil sharpener.

Favorite time to write?     Morning. I will have to switch back to night writing since I’m going back to work. It will take some getting used to.

Drink of choice while writing?    Coffee. Then I switch to water with lots of ice.

When writing, do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?    I prefer to listen to music. Right now, I’m listening to the theme song to My Little Pony along with the new Linkin Park album.

What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?    When I first set out to write, it was a mess. I was all over the place and throwing everything into it. Then a song came on–She Talks to Angels, by the Black Crowes. The song itself has to do with drugs, but taking it a little more literally, it led to my main character. That one song gave my entire story a new direction.

What’s your most valuable writing tip?    Read a lot. Then write a lot.

Thanks for reading!! See you all in the blog hop

“Who am I?” you ask

Well, maybe you didn’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

I’m 34 years old as of last week, married with two kids, and I teach high school photography. I have had the summer off to enjoy my kids and to write, write, write. I go back to the grind tomorrow, but that’s okay, because it tends for lots of writing inspiration. I love to be alone, to let my thoughts wander, to read, dance, and sing (as long as the music is turned up and no one can actually hear me). I also love people, exploring new places, and trying new things.