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It’s Contest Time Again

I’ve (again) been M.I.A. for the past few weeks. Can you believe I wrote an entire book this summer? I can’t. I still can’t. I am roughly 1 chapter away from saying…DONE. Let me be clear: It’s already written. That’s one more chapter to edit! Then it’s back to the query process. Which is fun in its own way, but also entirely stressful and exhausting. It’s perfect timing though. I’m going back to work next week AND I have another story which is just dying to be written. Sometimes, a scene comes so fully, that I can’t wait to thrust myself into that new world. Anyway, first things first. 

Contests are a great way for me to get a feel for how my query is doing and also get my work out there in one fell swoop. One of the biggest contests of the year (in my opinion) comes from the blog It’s called the Baker’s Dozen and you can read more about it here. I didn’t participate directly last year, but I did have fun cheering from the sidelines. The writers involved are all incredibly talented and it is a great way to get some exposure (if you enter) and read some great entries. Trust me, the writing is excellent. 

Hope to see you there.

Writing a Log line…

As I get more and more into the trenches of querying, I’ve realized that I may have gotten only slightly ahead of myself. My novel is finished, polished, and ready. I wrote my query, researched agents, and have begun the query process. There are contests that I am looking to entering in the very near future, namely the Bakers Dozen Agent Auction, hosted by I hate to admit to this, but I’ve waited till the absolute last minute to prepare *gasp* my log line. Between NaNoWriMo and my last blog challenge (memoir and backstory) I have been completely and totally overwhelmed. I’ve been researching what a log line should include and its pretty straightforward.

Main character, goal, and conflict. How did I do?

Any advice on it would be appreciated.

When several girls are murdered in a quiet town, the arrival of a mysterious boy stirs the empathic ability of seventeen-year-old Tessa Chase to an unbearable level. If she can learn to stop fainting whenever things become overwhelming and harness her ability, she may be able to help him end a years long killing spree and finally find love.