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Writing a Log line…

As I get more and more into the trenches of querying, I’ve realized that I may have gotten only slightly ahead of myself. My novel is finished, polished, and ready. I wrote my query, researched agents, and have begun the query process. There are contests that I am looking to entering in the very near future, namely the Bakers Dozen Agent Auction, hosted by I hate to admit to this, but I’ve waited till the absolute last minute to prepare *gasp* my log line. Between NaNoWriMo and my last blog challenge (memoir and backstory) I have been completely and totally overwhelmed. I’ve been researching what a log line should include and its pretty straightforward.

Main character, goal, and conflict. How did I do?

Any advice on it would be appreciated.

When several girls are murdered in a quiet town, the arrival of a mysterious boy stirs the empathic ability of seventeen-year-old Tessa Chase to an unbearable level. If she can learn to stop fainting whenever things become overwhelming and harness her ability, she may be able to help him end a years long killing spree and finally find love.

October Memoir and Backstory challenge

So I’ve been ridiculously busy these days–who isn’t these days, right? But I got a couple of requests on my manuscript and have been revising and editing like crazy. Anyway, this challenge has been the bane of my existence for two reasons: one–I absolutely can’t stand not finishing something once I’ve started it. And two–I really want to know what happens to John. It’s the end of the month now and I’ve barely gone half way. My goal is to finish before the end of the month. Uhh…tomorrow. And then there is NaNoWriMo. I so wish there were more hours in the day. Two more and I just might make a dent in my “to do” list. Alright, enough of this.

Year 11:

Grains of sand fell through John’s fingers like passing time. He dug his toes deep into the warm sand, knowing that soon it would be cold again. The birds above flew in great sweeping arcs, occasionally diving for some unseen object.

He sighed at another day lost. His hand involuntarily touched the tender area below his right eye. It was still swollen despite it’s color, a faded dirty yellow. He got a week off school for his little skirmish–that’s what the women in the office called what he had done to that boy. The boy he used to call a friend. But it was hardly a skirmish. It was a fight and John had to be dragged from the boy. He couldn’t even remember why he lost his temper.

He lost his temper a lot these days. It didn’t take much. The wrong glance in his direction, ¬†whispers, name calling…it didn’t matter, all of it set John off. There was an anger dwelling deep in his soul now and the only thing that made him feel better was when he lost control.


Looking for Inspiration

Inspiration comes from the strangest places. A dream, a song, poetry…

My last bit of inspiration came from the song, “She talks to Angels,” by the Black Crowes. Since editing that manuscript to death, I haven’t thought much beyond what music I listen to while working at that project.¬†

But today, inspiration struck and ideas are churning for the next one. Maybe NaNoWriMo will be just the thing to get me going on something new. And I haven’t given up on the “90 Day Novel” just yet either. Between GUTGAA and another RWA contest, my energies have been spent. But all of that is almost over…

What inspires you?